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How many traffic cones are in Normy?
Where would brom most like to go on holiday?
Bryn has a Lord of the Rings poster in his room, which character is on it?
What was the winning score of pub golf this term?
Tom has a favourite T-shirt, what album artwork is featured on it?
What nationality is the person on the bottom of Brom's Union Jack shoes?
James has skeletons of a?
Smooth talking wine merchant?
and his sidekick?
The day seagulls attacked a bexhill postman?
The real colour of the 'dark side of the moon girl'
The most frequented normy nuzzling location?
Some of the more mobile flatmates are members of the?
In the uppermost picture found in large bathroom, where has it been taken?
What brand of hand soap do we have?
What game does gunny feature in?
Nobody expects?
Alright gays?
Who is the board of irony letter from?
What is James' favourite name?
Our christmas tree is from?
Buy the best, Screw the rest
Bryn cannot eat food which has these on?
Still, **** and a?
Name the Normanton drinking utensils?
Admit it tom, you're a...
Which room does James Higson live in?
The chilli plant is called?

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