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Can you name the famous Supreme Court cases based on the issue presented?

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Forced Order
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Issue PresentedCase nameYear Decided
Is there a right to an abortion?1973
May the President take control of a private business during wartime?1952
Can the Federal Government regulate marijuana grown for personal use?2005
Do segregated schools violate equal protection?1954
Was the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II within the power of the Executive?1944
Does the Supreme Court have the power to review laws for constitutionality?1803
Is there a religious exemption from a universally applicable law?1990
Can the Federal Government ban the trade in goods made by children?1918
Are people of African descent protected by the Constitution?1857
Do wild life enthusiasts have standing to sue to protect endangered species?1992
Issue PresentedCase nameYear Decided
Do corporations have a right to free political speech?2010
Does a US citizen captured as an enemy combatant have a right to challenge his detention?2004
Can a state pass a law setting maximum work hours?1905
Is there a general right to privacy which includes a right to use contraception?1965
Can the government regulate speech when it poses a 'clear and present danger?'1919
Is there an individual right to carry a firearm?2008
Can the Federal Government regulate wheat grown for personal consumption only?1942
Does the Federal Government have the power to ban guns in schools?1995
Is there a right to engage in private sexual behavior?2003
Are racially segregated accommodations 'separate but equal?'1896

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