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SynopsisTitle of Episode
When a member of the aristocracy comes to stay at the hotel, Basil takes every means necessary to make them happy.
Basil hires men who do work cheaply, much to the objection of his wife Sybil.
A married couple book a double room, which Basil finds offensive
Basil thinks a hotel inspector is staying at Fawlty Towers, and goes overboard in trying to please him.
A new chef is employed at the hotel, and the Fawlty's decide to hold a banquet which, predictably, goes astray.
Basil confuses the guests with the fire alarm and the burglar alarm, then offends some foreignors while high on morphine.
A deaf woman checks in and causes all sorts of difficult problems (this is probably the funniest episode!)
Two doctors stay at Fawlty Towers, and Basil becomes self-conscious. Meanwhile, he tries to prove that another guest is sneaking a woman into his room.
An American couple come late one night and demand to be served a meal that Basil has never even heard of.
With no consideration to Basil's blood pressure, a guest dies during his stay at Fawlty Towers.
Sybil thinks Basil has forgotten an important event and leaves the hotel angrily.
A health inspector has a very, very long list of things wrong with the hotel. Not helped by the fact that Manuel's pet runs loose.

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