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Can you name the films whose titles are inaccurate for some reason?

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Inaccurate because...FilmYear no time is the titular cowboy lonesome; his sidekick Tonto is always by his side.2013
…only one scene in this Coen brothers classic is set in the title city. Most of it takes place in Brainard, Minnesota.1996
...the third installment in this DC Comics franchise did not have an infinite running time.1995 turns out all of that of Ethan Hunt’s top secret spy projects are actually possible.1996, 2000, 2006, 2011, 2015
...the park is misnamed, because of all of its inhabitants are from the Cretaceous period.1993, 2001, 2015
...there's great insight into racism, but absolutely no directions on how to murder avian creatures.1962
...our planet did not stop rotating or revolving around the Sun on that day; we were just visited by an alien and a giant robot.1951, 2008's the Jedi & Sith fighting one another, not the luminous spheres.1977
...this wasn’t a spin-off for one of X-Men 2's most-loved characters, just Jake Gyllenhaal as a sleazy cameraman.2014
...there was not a single troll in this sequel.1990

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