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Contestant numberContestantContestant info
1The nice contestant who gives trophies out
2The mysterious girl
3The grumpy girl
4The adventure bird
5The beauty girl
6The creepy psychic Pokemon
7The normal competitor
8The cheerful contestant
9The social media contestant
10The snake
11The hidden competitor
12The electric competitor
13He is the icy one
14Koff koff
15He is Good with water
16The silent contestant
17The aggressive one
18The nature lover
19The shy competitor
20Loves the breeze
21Electricity on paws
22The normal rat
23The underground flyer
25The cute fighter
Contestant numberContestantContestant info
26The aliancee
27The mean competitor
28The loud competitor
29The racehorse
30The swimming champ
31The 'star' of the show
32The tall competitor
33The normal bird
34The nocturnal creature
35Just like silk
36Excellent at sewing clothing
37Mmm... Ice cream
38Egg head
39The crazy competitor
40The crocodile afraid of water
41Masked magician
42Loves attention
43Aggressive female
44The bad hider
45The total Pokemon expert
46The attracter
47Pile of trash
48The flying mastermind
49Mechanical bird
50Cute hedgehog

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