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Q's for yaA's you won't get...unless you google them
How many pecks in a bushel?
(4+7)+9=9+(4+7)... Which property?
Difference between two numbers in a geometric sequence.
Plural of cactus?
Plural of matrix?
Translate... je t'aime/ je t'adore... to Spanish
translate... comment allez vous... to Portuguese
Translate... mon nom est/ je m'apelle... to German
Currency in Italy before the Euro?
Name given to the group European countries that diminished the value of the Euro c. 2010.
Q's for yaA's you won't get...unless you google them
Which four countries were they? (use commas; no and)
Sport the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is most recognized for.
Richest country in the world.
Place where points are plotted.
What does U.S.S.R. stand for?
Country directly east of Germany.
Opposite of cosine.
Name the circle used to help solve trigonometric equations.
Word that means: not able to exist or be done.
Best soccer player to ever play for 'Les Bleus'.

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