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GameCharacterMore Hints
Grand Theft Auto VThought to be dead
God of WarMain Antagonist; original God of War
Mortal KombatCryomancer; Member of the Lin Kuei
Batman Arkham Series'Riddle me this!'
Legend of Zelda SeriesMain Antagonist
Grand Theft Auto IV'Let's go bowling'
Super Mario SeriesOften held captive by Bowser
Assassin's Creed SeriesRetired assassin, Trained a Kenway
MinecraftCover boy; Default Skin
Fire Emblem SeriesMain hero of Path of Radience
Alan Wake SeriesHermit
Silent Hill SeriesSword wielding monster, 3-D shape for head
Hitman SeriesMain Protagonist
Metal Gear Solid SeriesCybernetic ninja, silver Hair
Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimA remnant of the Blades, Female
F-Zero Series'____ Punch!' '______ Kick!'
Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasBlind leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys Triads
Animal Crossing SeriesThe woes of Sable and _____
BullyMain Antagonist; Former friend turned enemy
PongOn the left
Call Of Duty: Black Ops SeriesOne of the main protagonists; Mostly an NPC; 96 years old in the second installment
Final Fantasy SeriesReal name: Claire Ferron, from FFXIII trilogy
Street Fighter SeriesA friend of Ryu's; Uses similar moves; American
Metroid SeriesPterodactyl enemy
Portal SeriesEaster Egg, Reliant on anti-depressant meds
GameCharacterMore Hints
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed SeriesMain Protagonist; Alias: The Apprentice or Starkiller
Halo SeriesThe main hero's AI partner
Mass Effect TrilogySalarian race
Dynasty Warriors SeriesFights for Shu, The God of War
Left 4 Dead SeriesMechanic, a friend named Keith
Star Fox Series'Do a Barrel Roll!'
Katamari Series Main Hero
Devil May Cry SeriesMain Antagonist, Swordmaster
Prince of Persia SeriesMain Antagonist, Grand Vizier of Persia
Resident Evil SeriesOne of the main heroes, BSAA Agent
Super Smash BrosArcade final boss
Sly Cooper Series Main antagonist; Killed Sly's dad; Leader of the Fiendish Five
Uncharted SeriesFriend and mentor of Nathan; Give me his nickname
Borderlands SeriesAssassin class, has a pet named Bloodwing
Dark Souls SeriesCovets the First Flame and the Great Soul
Samurai Warriors SeriesA shogun during the Sengoku era, wields a spear cannon
Ninja Gaiden SeriesPurple haired kunoichi
OutlastMutated powerhouse, hunts for Miles, at least until killed by the Walrider
Gears of War SeriesBest friend to Marcus Fenix, fellow Gears soldier
King of Fighters SeriesAn heir to their family; Fire powers
Killer Instinct SeriesUndead pirate who wields a sword and sheild
Darksiders seriesA horseman that wields two pistols, Nephilim race
Tekken SeriesPossesses the Devil Gene; Head of the Mishima Zaibatsu in the 6th installment; Grandson of Heihachi
Red Dead RedemptionMexican rebel leader; Undead in DLC expansion
DishonoredMain Protagonist
GameCharacterMore Hints
Fable SeriesVillianous mayor of Bowerstone
The Wolf Among UsMain Protagonist; Formerly the Big Bad Wolf
Telltale's The Walking DeadMain Protagonist of Season 1
Kirby SeriesKirby's arch-enemy; Wields a hammer
Dead or Alive SeriesRunaway Shinobi; Appeared in every game since the first game
Half Life trilogyFriend to Gordon Freeman, Skilled hacker
Quake 4Main Protagonist
Injustice: Gods Among UsFormer leader of Teen Titans; Former sidekick; Wields two electric batons
Max Payne SeriesMain Protagonist
Pacman SeriesThe red ghost's name
Donkey Kong SeriesDonkey Kong's nephew and apprentice; has a barrel jet pack and peanut launchers
Pokemon SeriesFire Breathing Dragon; Charmander's final stage of evolution
WatchdogsMain Protagonist
Sleeping DogsMain Protagonist
Dragon's Dogma Main Antagonist
Lollipop ChainsawChainsaw wielding cheerleader; Main Protagonist
Shadow of the Colossus Main Protagonist
Heavy RainJournalist; Female; Suffers from insomnia and reoccurring nighmares
Tomb Raider SeriesMain Protagonist
Sonic the Hedgehog SeriesA red echidna; Wears spiked gloves
Mike Tyson's Punch-outMain Character; Determined to be champion
Far Cry SeriesSecondary Antagonist in the third installment
Virtual Fighter SeriesCanadian professional wrestler
Soulcalibur SeriesHas two kids; Greek; Wields the short sword and shield
Ratchet & Clank SeriesCocky Superhero; A friend to the pair
GameCharacterMore Hints
Dead Island SeriesOne of the four original heroes; chinese nationality; prefers using blades
Evil Dead SeriesMain Protagonist
Jak and Daxter SeriesTyrannical leader in the second installment; secondary antagonist
Infamous SeriesMain Protagonist
Spyro SeriesDragonfly companion
Twisted Metal SeriesReal name: Marcus 'Needles' Kane
Dead Rising SeriesYoung reporter, friend of Frank West
League of LegendsThe Defender of Tomorrow
Team Fortress 2Fast, agile character; the baseball bat is signature weapon
Prototype SeriesMain Protagonist in the first installment; Main Antagonist in the second installment
Crash Bandicoot SeriesFather figure of Crash and his friends
Banjo Kazooie SeriesTeaches Banjo & Kazooie skills; He's a mole
Conker SeriesMain Protagonist
Fallout SeriesFather of the main protagonist in the third installment
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare seriesMain Protagonist of 1st and 2nd installments
Saints Row SeriesSecond in Command for the Third Street Saints; Died in the third installment
Goldeneye 007Bond's companion; Russian nationality
The Last of UsHe is one of the main protagonists; Had a daughter named Sarah
Megaman SeriesOne of the main protagonists; High-ranking maverick officer
Resistance SeriesDeuteragonist; Killed Nathan Hale
Amnesia SeriesUnseen Protagonist of Dark Descent
Grand Theft Auto 5Therapist to the De Santa family
Resident Evil SeriesOne of the founders of Umbrella; Has a son named Alexander
Devil May Cry SeriesDante's mother; human race
Assassin's Creed SeriesFormer quartermaster of the Jackdaw

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