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Can you name the grass type attacks in the Pokémon series?

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Turtwig Lv9
Petilil Lv28
Pumpkaboo Lv26
Altaria Lv34
Whimsicott Lv1
Cradily Lv44
Phantump Lv35
Venusaur by Move Tutor
Foongus Lv28
Pansage Lv34
Meganium by Move Tutor
Leafeon Lv17
Floette Lv27
Gogoat Lv47
Fomantis Lv19
Rowlet Lv1
Grovyle Lv23
Victreebel Lv32
Snivy Lv16
Shroomish Lv8
Tropius Lv16
Lotad Lv18
Cacnea Lv16
Bellossom Lv49
Vileplume Lv59
Carnivine Lv50
Ivysaur Lv20
Breloom Lv44
Shaymin Lv100
Tangela Lv4
Sunflora Lv34
Lurantis Lv47
Chesnaught Lv1
Parasect Lv22
Shiinotic Lv35
Hoppip Lv14
Maractus Lv15
Tsareena Lv1
Bellsprout Lv1
Abomasnow Lv36
Cherubi Lv28

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Tags:Pokémon Quiz, attack, grass, learned

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