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Can you name the fire type attacks in the Pokémon series?

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Emboar by Move Tutor
Blaziken Lv1
Reshiram Lv100
Moltres Lv99
Salandit Lv5
Camerupt Lv52
Volcarona Lv100
Entei Lv71
Growlithe Lv21
Heatmor Lv44
Typhlosion by Move Tutor
Magmar Lv29
Vulpix Lv15
Litwick Lv20
Ponyta Lv21
Monferno Lv19
Charizard Lv47
Flareon Lv45
Reshiram Lv50
Pignite Lv31
Torkoal Lv45
Slugma Lv15
Houndoom Lv65
Magmortar Lv36
Heatran Lv96
Blacephalon Lv59
Delphox Lv1
Darmanitan Lv54
Ho-oh Lv43
Victini Lv1
Turtonator Lv45
Cherrim Lv22
Victini by Event
Yamask Lv21

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Created Mar 7, 2011ReportNominate
Tags:Pokémon Quiz, attack, fire, learned

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