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Can you name the fighting type attacks in the Pokémon series?

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Makuhita Lv7
Lucario Lv1
Scrafty Lv23
Combusken Lv31
Throh Lv29
Infernape Lv1
Sawk Lv13
Machamp Lv47
Meditite Lv9
Nidoran Lv9
Mienfoo Lv33
Poliwrath Lv32
Primeape Lv57
Hawlucha Lv28
Yveltal Lv72
Conkeldurr Lv53
Riolu Lv15
Chesnaught Lv72
Mienshao Lv56
Pheromosa Lv31
Mankey Lv8
Machop Lv1
Pangoro Lv57
Hitmonchan Lv16
Greninja Lv1
Crabrawler Lv22
Virizion Lv42
Croagunk Lv22
Passimian Lv46
Pikipek Lv9
Hitmonlee Lv9
Terrakion Lv31
Keldeo by Move Tutor
Hariyama Lv34
Breloom Lv39
Pinsir Lv36
Machoke Lv37
Bewear Lv62
Hitmontop Lv33
Kartana Lv1
Pancham Lv27
Jynx Lv33

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