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Can you name the characters from Okami?

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Sun God
Wandering Artist
Tao Master
Wood Sprite
Legendary Wolf
Celestial Envoy
Legendary Warrior
Beautiful Maiden of Legend
Warrior's Descendant
Sake Brewer
Kamiki Elders
Kamiki Youngster
Dojo Master
Shinshu Field Messenger
Sleeping Bear
Traveling Fisherman
Fang Trader
Gale Shrine Priest
Gale Shrine Priestess
Bamboo Salesman
Moonlight Beauty
Creepy Taka Pass Couple
Sparrow Clan Princess
Sparrow Clan Boss
Moon Cave Chef
Ryoshima Coast Messenger
Sword Collector
Sei'an Thief
Sei'an Official
Nippon Queen
Sei'an Priestess
Sei'an Carpenter
Sei'an Fashion Designer
Sei'an Elder
Thunder Ghost
Sei'an Inventor
Ryoshima Fisherman
Dragon Palace Emissary
Dragon Palace Queen
Dragon Palace King
Oni Prayer Slip
Kamui Warrior
Kamui Warrior
Kamui Native
Kamui Elder
Kamui Priestess
Oina Tribe Child
Poncle Girl
Tsuta Ruins Demon
Gale Shrine Demon
8-Headed Serpent
Stomach Demon
Oni Island Demon
Wawku Shrine Demons
Ark of Yamato Demon
Er..make that..none shall pass!
Master of Walls
Bestower of Rejuvenation
Bestower of Power Slash
Bestower of Bloom
Bestower of Water Lily
Bestower of Vine
Bestower of Cherry Bomb
Bestower of Waterspout
Bestower of Crescent
Bestower of Galestorm
Bestower of Inferno
Bestower of Veil of Mist
Bestower of Catwalk
Bestower of Thunderstorm
Bestower of Blizzard
Sparrow Tribe Canine
Kamiki Village Canine
Agata Forest Canine

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