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What is the name of an alto trombone concerto written by Georg Christpoh Wagenseil?
What type of trombone was mostly used in German orchestral works?
What is the lowest note a bass trombone can play?
What is the alternate position for an F on a tenor trombone?
This Chris Brubeck concerto shares the name of a European capital?
This pedaltone can be reached on an alto trombone.
The word trombone was derived from these Italian words meaning 'trumpet' and 'large'.
Most trombones have this many positions.
This cute little trombone is pitched an octave above the alto and soprano trombones.
This is the position for a C on an alto trombone.
This is a bass version of a valve trombone (yes valve trombones exist).
Does the tenor trombone transpose?
Although the tenor trombone does not transpose, it is an exception. Name its pitch.
The same as before but for an alto.
German word for trombone?

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