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Forced Order
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I led Russia in the 'Great Northern War and I implemented a 'Beard Tax'1672-1725
I liberated most of Latin America from Spanish rule, and I was the first president of Gran Colombia1783-1830
I was the fifth Aztec emperor1398-1469
I was a French revolutionary who led the 'Reign of Terror'1758-1794
I was a British mining magnate in South Africa and the country of Rhodesia was named after me1853-1902
I was a commander in the Cuban Revolution and I died in Bolivia1928-1967
I wrote the Communist Manifesto and I wrote extensively about the evils of Capitalism1818-1883
I wrote my '95 Theses' in protest of the Catholic Church and a religious sect is named for me1483-1546
I was the leader of the Nazi Party1889-1945
I was a Spanish conquistador and I conquered the Incan empire1471/1476-1541
I was born Gaius Octavius and I founded the Roman Empire63 BC- 14 AD
I became the Emperor of the French empire after the French Revolution, and I was able to retake nearly my entire army after returning from exile1769-1821
I was a Russian communist revolutionary and I was the first Premier of the Soviet Union1870-1924
I made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire272-337
I was an absolute ruler in France, and I was nicknamed 'The Sun King'1638-1715
I was the leader of Italy during WWII, and I was the leader of the Italian National Fascist Party1883-1945
I was an Italian explorer and I landed in Newfoundland, Canada1450-1499(disappeared)
I was the leader of the Shawnee tribe and fought the US during the war of 18121768-1813
I was the first to circumnavigate the globe1480-1521
I wrote 'A Counterblaste to Tobacco' in which I expressed my unusually modern view on Tobacco smoking1566-1625

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