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Forced Order
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Treaty signed by a majority of European powers ending the war
Germany, the Ottoman Empire, Austria Hungary
Britain, France, Russia, The United States, et al.
His assasination is referred to as the start of the war
His 14 points were not adopted by his own country
German military strategy
He sent a note to the Mexico, urging war with the United States
German fieldmarshall, victories at Tannenbergy and Masurian Lakes
was an inter-governmental organization founded after the conclusion of the war
Leader of the Bolsheviks, started the Russian Revolution
1930 pacifist film shown from the German side of the war
Unique fighting style implemented in the conflict
Chlorine and Ammonia produce
German naval policy
Future German leader, winner of the Iron Cross logged time in combat
Ottoman ethnic cleansing of its Christian population
Only allied power to not join the league of nations
Large, mechanized battlefield vehicles making their debut in World War I
Epidemic of this disease in 1918, may have killed a large portion of soldiers
German government after the war's conclusion

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