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All the boys be loving me, girls be hating me They will never stop Cuz they know, I'm ________
One to the two You know I love you Three to the four Just give me some more
heeojijan _____ ije waseo Oops, I love U yeogiseo meomchwo
I wanna rock your body lalalala Nae sumi makhyeo honey nananana
Kokoro ni One smile Mitsuke tara Shine on me Two smile Kasane tara Shine on you Sekai ga kagayaku youni Smile, smile
Everybody say La La La Everybody say Ha Ha Ha
I like the ____, da-da-da-da-dancing ______
You're my love-ov-ov-ov-ov-ov-ov ______
(So) don'’t you wanna kill me?
I love you love you but I hate you hate you lie
Hey sexy (crack crack crack crack) Tonight you know (crack crack crack crack)
Cause I'm so bad bad But I'm so good good
So yum yum (Woah) Can't get enough (Woah oh oh) I think I'm in love
Geureom nan dancing dancing dancing in the moonlight Woeoeou woeo Woeoeou woeo
Hey Say. Need more basses May Day. Stop and game set
I just wanna love you all night long Yeah~
She gives me so much pain (pain) I won't be back again ( I wanna hate you )
So many nights I wonder why What can I do to make it right Everything will be alright
Baby you are mine Tell me you won’t go Look into the past It was great it was fine ’til ______
I'm sorry sorry sorry ________ I don't want to hear anymore Oh that's too bad guy
Imagination kakitateru Spinning around Shigeki suru watashi no senses Machi ga inai wa _____________ (Stranger)
Becuz I’m cuz I’m Dangerous Oh~
Break it yokmang ye banchik Move it pagweran mideok (No more shakin’ like that)
Is it ace of spades or the only joker Kibou o tsunagu mirai mo Run out Kono mama zutto zutto zutto You are ______
Look everybody on the left Everybody on the right Everybody, b-body e-everybody in da house
stop stop stop stop (girl~) don't leave me, stop. you'd better stop.
I wanna be that girl Who can be with you forever So tell me Will you be my boyfriend?

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