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I said...
The more land we use, the higher the rent will be on the most produtive land.
Changes in the production factors will eventually cause changes in the superstructure, causing society to evolve to the next stage.
I'm an instrumentalist... or not... well, sort of...
Mathematical models aren't suitable for the complexity of the economic phenomena.
To create objects which have utility is to create wealth. And shut up already, Robert!
Get real McCloskey!
I agree with what everyone said, and I came up with this theory that the demand of a commodity may suffer a greater or lesser variation when the price changes.
I said...
On the stationary state, we won't have to worry about production. There'll be time for leisure and we'll be happy.
In times when the private demand isn't enough to assure the natural employment rate, the Government should increase the public expenses.
The final degree of utility of a commodity is some diminishing continuous mathematical function of the quantity of the commodity available
By pursuing his own interests, man promotes the interests of society, almost as led by a Divine Force.
Poverty exists because of the poor, and the only way to stop it is by stoping helping them.
The economic system can be summarised by a set of equations which, as a whole, give us the stable equilibrium price and quantity of a commodity
The four elementary propositions of the science of political economiy are:...

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