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The size of the WindowsPagefile is determined by using the RAM multiplied by this number.
What does FAT stand for?
A 32-bit system has a RAM limitation of what size?
How much data can a regular DVD hold?
What does CD-ROM stand for?
What does the flash memory SD stand for?
What does DVD stand for?
What hardware component can use a RAID configuration?
What does the flash memory CF stand for?
A CD image file typically has this extension
What is the 'older' ratio of a monitor?
What unit of measurement is the refresh rate of monitors?
What does RAM stand for?
What does the term optical pertain to?
What does LCD stand for?
What does NTFS stand for?
Is upgrading your RAM inexpensive?
Does SSD stand for Sold State Drive?
What has more storage capability? DVD's or CD-ROM's?
Defragmenting pertains to this type of hardware?
What is the widescreen ratio of a monitor?
What does RAID stand for?
This product put HD-DVD out of business
CD Burners are maxed at this speed without a buffer?
What is the maximum storage of a Blu-Ray DVD?

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