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Can you name all the Hardcore/No DQ Matches at Wrestlemania?

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Wrestlemania II (WWF Championship Steel Cage)
Wrestlemania X (Falls Count Anywhere)
Wrestlemania X (Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match)
Wrestlemania XI (I Quit Match)
Wrestlemania XII (Hollywood Backlot Brawl)
Wrestlemania 13 (Submission Match)
Wrestlemania 13 (Chicago Street Fight)
Wrestlemania 13 (WWF Championship No DQ Match)
Wrestlemania XIV (WWF Tag Team Championship Dumpster Match)
Wrestlemania XV (Hardcore Championship)
Wrestlemania XV (Brawl for All)
Wrestlemania XV (Hell in a Cell)
Wrestlemania XV (WWF Championship No DQ Match)
Wrestlemania 2000 (Hardcore Championship Battle Royal) FINAL TWO
Wrestlemania 2000 (WWF Tag Team Championship Triangle Ladder Match)
Wrestlemania X-Seven (Hardcore Championship)
Wrestlemania X-Seven (Street Fight)
Wrestlemania X-Seven (WWF Tag Team Championship TLC Match)
Wrestlemania X-Seven (WWF Championship No DQ Match)
Wrestlemania X8 (Hardcore Championship)
Wrestlemania X8 (No DQ Match)
Wrestlemania XIX (Street Fight)
Wrestlemania 21 (Money in the Bank)
Wrestlemania 22 (Money in the Bank)
Wrestlemania 22 (Hardcore Match)
Wrestlemania 22 (No Holds Barred)
Wrestlemania 23 (Money in the Bank)
Wrestlemania XXIV (Belfast Brawl)
Wrestlemania XXIV (Money in the Bank)
Wrestlemania XXIV (No DQ Match)
Wrestlemania XXV (Money in the Bank)
Wrestlemania XXV (Extreme Rules)
Wrestlemania XXVI (Money in the Bank)
Wrestlemania XXVI (No Holds Barred)
Wrestlemania XXVI (No DQ Match)
Wrestlemania XXVII (No DQ Match)
Wrestlemania XXVIII (Hell in a Cell)
Wrestlemania 29 (No Holds Barred)
Wrestlemania 31 (Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match)
Wrestlemania 32 (Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match)
Wrestlemania 32 (No Holds Barred Street Fight)
Wrestlemania 32 (Hell in a Cell)
Wrestlemania 33 (Raw Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match)
Wrestlemania 33 (No Holds Barred)

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