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Current President of the United States
42nd President of the United States
Famous artist or the name of the blue ninja turtle
Italian painter or the name of the red ninja turtle
Italian painter or the name of the orange ninja turtle
Assassinated by Brutus
The former dictator of Cuba
Famous woman who was both death and blind
Baseball player known as 'the bambino' or the name of a popular candy bar
Talk show host of Late Night with [name]
Late night talk show host who recently retired from his show
American fitness celebrity known for his red and white striped shorts and bedazzled tank tops
Famous unidentified London serial killer
African American billionaire woman. She has her own talk show, book club, and magazine.
Famous actress that starred in Pretty Woman
TV actor and comedian know as [first name] the Tool-Man Taylor
Actor who starred as Ferris Bueller and was the voice of Simba in The Lion King
Famous actor who is currently married to Katie Holmes
Actor who starred in the Godfather part II and Meet the Parents
Famous actress known for her roles in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Australian actress in who starred in Moulin Rouge and is currently married to country star Keith Urban
Famous actress known as Carrie from Sex and the City
Famous tv actress best known as Phoebe from the sitcom Friends
Living member of the Beatles known for the song Yesterday
Famous actress and singer best known as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
Cartoon character best known for his catchphrase 'eat my shorts!'
Famous cartoon character created by Jim Henson who is green

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