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Big House, Some Kind of Zombie, Get Down
Forsaken, Comatose, Monster
Shine, Entertaining Angels, I Am Free
Rise Up, Hey Baby Here's That Song You Wanted, Promised Ones
Punk Rawk Show, Chick Magnet, Responsibility
Sadie Hawkins Dance, Be My Escape, Must Have Done Something Right
Move This City, Say Your Prayers, It's Time to Rock (OK?)
Not of this World, It is Finished, This Means War!
Love Addict, Get Your Back Off the Wall, Fever
SE 101, Amanda, Ball and Chain
Flood, No One Loves Me Like You, Two Hands
Reinventing Your Exit, Writing on the Walls, In Division
Vices Like Vipers, Son of the Morning, Endseekers
Oh Canada, Every New Day, Dandelions
The Feel Good Drag, Godspeed, Breaking
Soldiers Under Command, To Hell With the Devil, Honestly
Breathe Into Me, Already Over, Death of Me
Beautiful Love, Keeping Me Alive, Light Up the Sky
Meant to Live, Dare You to Move, Your Love is a Song
Say This Sooner, Southern Weather, Lonely Wheel
I'm So Sick, Fully Alive, Again
Get Up, We Live, Stand in the Rain
Broken, Anthem for the Underdog, Disappear
Epidermis Girl, Static, Sun Stands Still
Alive, Youth of the Nation, Lights Out
Undying, Carry Me Down, Collapsing
I'm Not Alright, Whatever You're Doing, Lead Me
Live for Him, Bring Me Down, For the Love of the Game
Walls, Studying Politics, The Cheval Glass
Bloodsucker Pt II, Empire, Into the Sea
Label Me, Never Die, The Good Times
Constancy, I Knew, Spleen Puncher
Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over, Html Rules D00d, You Can't Spell Crap without C
Mercedes Baby, Serial Sleepers, In the Valley of the Dying Sun
My Generation, Everything is Beautiful, Reign in Us
Letters to the President, Everything You Ever Wanted, Meaning of Life
Back Burner, Thirty and Seven, Leveler
94 Hours, Through Struggle, Beyond Our Suffering
Scrolls of the Megilloth, Human Condition, Hammer of God
Alarm the Alarm, Renegade, Redemption

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