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SAT wordmeaning
 reduce or lessen
 give up a position
 something unusual, different from the norm
 to really hate
 to refrain from doing something
 hardship, misfortune
 pertaining to beauty
 out of the context of time, out of date
 very dry
 sanctuary, place of safety
 friendly, helpful
 a prejudice towards something or against something
 enthusiastic, loud
 short, rude
 togetherness, trust, group dynamic of trust
 very large, spacious
 to surrender
 can predict the future
 work together
 meeting in the middle, settling differences
 contingent upon something else, contingent upon
 someone who follows the majority
 coming together
 rabble-rousing leader
 a straying from main point
 hard-working, dedicated
 dishonor someone, prove something untrue
 to regard with scorn
SAT wordmeaning
 moving apart, going in different directions
 sensitivity to another’s feelings
 following someone else's example
 fleeting, temporary
 not lasting long
 something that makes the situation not as bad
 patience, restraint
 promote, aid
 filled with
 being arrogant, talking down to people
 person who acts in pursuit of pleasure
 unproven theory, educated guess
 rash, impulsive
 to assign or attribute to someone
 without consequence, trivial, doesn't matter
 unavoidable, definitely going to happen
 knowing something by instinct
 extreme happiness, joy
 person who takes one side or the other, and persuades government officials
 long (particularly long life)
 boring, ordinary
 casual, calm, at ease
 flaunting wealth
 freed from water, dried up
SAT wordmeaning
 gifted/talented beyond one's years
 being self important, thinking you are better than others
 to delay, often unnecessarily
 causes a fuss, inflammatory, likely to get people riled up
 careful, wise
 irritable, prone to argument
 hateful, unpleasant
 hermit, withdrawn
 coming back together after a disagreement
 being new, being redone
 controlled, not free
 deep respect
 to look at carefully
 being impulsive, acting without thinking
 false, untrue
 mild, meek
 to confirm, prove
 shy, small, not showy
 unnecessary, too much
 persistent stubborn
 temporary, impermanent
 respectable because of its age
 to free from blame
 careful, watchful

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