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Quiz Updated Apr 17, 2014

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Sporcle QuizSurvey says...Least Guessed
U.S. StatesMissouri
3 Letter Body PartsJaw
Willy Wonka golden ticket winnersVeruca Salt
Classical Simple MachinesWheel and Axle
Santa's ReindeerVixen
NBA TeamsMemphis Grizzlies
U.S. States With No Major Sports TeamKansas
50 Greatest Cartoon CharactersGerald McBoing-Boing
Pieces from the game OperationWriter's Cramp
Euro Replaced CurrenciesKroon (Estonia)
Sporcle QuizSurvey says...Least Guessed
Northernmost World CapitalsChisinau, Moldova
Tom Hanks MoviesThe Great Buck Howard
English Helping Verbsmust
Traditional Monopoly PiecesTrain
Things Rick Astley Will Never DoTell a lie and hurt you
Pop-Tart FlavorsFrosted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
7 Deadly SinsPride
Countries of AfricaSao Tome and Principe
Price is Right GamesSplit Decision

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