Jekyll & Hyde Who's line is it anyway?

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Can you name the Jekyll & Hyde Who's line is it anyway??

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Line/Lyricname of Character
'I abstain.'
'I feel like a lady...'
'It'll happen to a dead girl'
'Now who's going to take me to luncheon, Bessie?'
'Just look at what has happened here. Mix anger with a touch of fear...'
'I don't know who you girls...'
'Where will you go, Lord Savage?'
'You know the only reason we don't have rats in this place is because they wouldn't be caught dead here.'
'No, no, Henry Jekyll's such a very busy man...'
'Its time to awaken...'
'You wouldn't know a decent claret if it poured itself down your shirt.'
'A volunteer mental patient? '

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