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Denatures and solubilizes proteins for gel electrophoresis.
Lacotse analogue not metabolised by bacteria
A powerful protein denaturant used in RNA isolation to lyse cells and denature RNases
Phase containing RNA after trizol purification.
Which type of gel is used in 2D gel electrophoresis
Denatures proteins and provides them with a negative charge.
The pH of the stacking gel
Activates acrylamide monomers by forming free radicals when dissolved in water.
What does the lac I gene encode?
The pH of the separating gel
Alkylates thiol groups on proteins preventing reoxidation during gel electrophoresis.
Catalyses polymerisation of acrylamide gel.
In a discontinuous gel, which gel has larger pores?
Site in a plasmid containing many restriction enzyme sites.
Substance used to precipitate RNA
Molecule used to elute proteins with a poly histidine tag bound in affinity chromatography.

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