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What soluble guidance cue formerly known as collapsin is responsible for repulsive guidance of DRG axons?
Opiods, endocannabinoids and GABA used to signal 'like' are what type of neurotransmitters?
In what area of the hypothalamus is low temperature sensed?
What type of glia transform into macrophages following CNS injury?
Mutations in the APP gene and what other genes are linked to familial Alzheimer's diseas?
What type of metabolic survey uses radiolabelled glucose?
Which mental illness has a peak age of onset in the 20's?
Approximateley how many cortical neurons do humans have?
Which cortex forms emotions that shape behaviour?
Approximately how much of the brain is cortex in humans?
What is the main neurotransmitter in the ENS?
Name a confirmed negative risk factor for Alzheimer's disease.
Cortical layers 2 and 3 contain which type of neurons?
What type of principal neurons are present in layer 4 of the cortex?
What secreted glycoprotein mutated in FTLD has a normal function as a multifunctional growth factor?
Which layer of the cortex talks back to the thalamus?
The notochord secretes what neural induction gene?
Each area of the cortex is connected to sub-cortical regions, the same area on the opposite hemisphere and what two other thing?
In what area of the hypothalamus is high temperature sensed?
What type of stroke is frequently related to atherosclerosis?
Approximately how much of the brain is cortex in mice?
How many glia per neuron in the mouse brain?
Astrocytes upregulate the expression of what following cell injury?
Name a positive feature of schizophrenia.
Nuerons enriched in what are susceptible to neurofibrillary tangle formation?
Name a gene that is mutated in frontotemporal lobe dementia
Approximately how many cortical neurons do mice have?
Dorsolateral crest cells form only what?
Name one of the most important genes involved in schizophrenia.
Which cortical layer has fibres projecting to large cortical areas.
Which cortical layer has large pyramidal cells projecting to subcortical structures?
What type of crest cells are involved in early development and have diverse fates?
fMRI measures what?
Interneurons use which neurotransmiitter?
Which hormone is released from the anterior pituitary to generate heat by increasing metabolism?
What type of cleavage results in both daughter cells remaining in the ventricular zone?
What area of the brain signals satiety to the frontal cortex?
Do humans or mice have a greater synaptic density?
Name a negative feature of schizophrenia.
What is beta-amyloid derived from?
A hexanucleotide repeat mutation which is a common cause of FTLD and ALS occurs in what gene?
Sacral crest failing to colonise the colon properly leads to what?
Which cerebral hemisphere controls speech?
What are the three main protein aggregates in frontotemporal lobe dementia?
What area of neural crest produces mesectoderm?
What does SSRI stand for?
Damage to which cerebral lobe leads to problems with planning and judgement?
Allelic variations in which gene affects the risk of Alzheimer's disease?
What brain area pushes motivation to the accumbens to put it into a goal not met state?
Name a confirmed positive risk factor for Alzheimer's disease.

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