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Speeds up or slows down transcription rate by binding to DNA upstream of gene
Joins Okazaki Fragments
Adds nucleotides to the 3'OH end of DNA
Produces RNA from ssDNA sequence
Competitively inhibited by Glyphosate
Following DNA damage induces cell cycle arrest, DNA repair or apoptosis
Mutation can lead to red hair and fair skin
Most common DNA polymerase for PCR
Main enzyme that is mutated in phenylketonuria
Relieves strain ahead of replication fork
Enzyme mutated in alcaptonuria
This neuronal protein is mis-folded in CreuzfeldJacob Disease
Most abundant protein in the body
Stabalizes exposed ssDNA
Reversibly binds oxygen for transport
Aids in protein folding
Adds a RNA primer to ssDNA
Recognises and binds TATA box
Aggregates in Huntington's Disease
Degrades proteins
Required for transcription, DNA binding domain and activator domain
Extends telomere length in embryonic development, stem cells and cancer
Mutation in this enzyme results in albinism
Pull exons together splicing out introns
Binds to transcription factor E2F inhibiting cell cycle progression
Overexpressed in 30% of all breast cancers
Tags proteins for destruction
Binds to the Nuclear Localisation Signal and transports protein into nucleus
Unwinds DNA

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