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Brand Creation Process
What is the current situation? 
Where do we go now? 
How can we get there? 
How build a Brand
Who are you (step 1) 
What are you (step 2) 
What about you (step 3) 
What about you & me (step 4) 
Six Brand Building Blocks
brand awareness 
satisfaction of functional needs 
satisfaction of psychological needs 
opinion based on performance & imagery 
emotional reactions with respect to brand 
relationship between consumer & brand 
carry out important functions on behalf of the brand, e.g. sharing info, providing assistance 
Brand Community
specialized community without geographic boundaries based on a structured set of relationships between _____ of a brand 
Brand Duality
Strong brand appeals to both the _____ & the ______ 
Strong brand appeals to both the _______ & ______ of the consumer 
Brand Elements
Six criteria anagram
Six criteria for choosing a Brand
increase awareness 
enhance formation of associations 
esthetically appealing 
useful for brand extensions 
remain contemporary & up-to-date 
can be legally protected internationally 
Brand Identity must also be guided by _____ ____

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