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Can you name the Vampires with speical ablity in Twilight?

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If you like seeing, smelling, hearing, and tasting. You don't want to mess with me.
I know when something is there. As long as it is living. I am not very reliable friend those. I am a loner.
You know me well, I can see the future. In less you change your mind at last minute or choose to hang out with a werewolf,
One touch, I will know every thought you ever had. So I know if you broke the law.
Wind, water or fire, I can control them all and make them do whatever I want. That's why my father changed me.
I could be a good detective, because I always know if someone is telling the truth.
Don't choose your friends over me. I will break you up. I won't even need to give them a reason.
You can't hide from me, I will figure out where you are no matter what.
If you were depress or lonely, I would've been able to fix that for you. You never met me, but I use to be married to Marcus,
You all know me. You can't fool me ether. I can always tell what you are thinking. If I can't then, I am in love with you
The Cullens and I see eye to eye on certin issues. If your a vampire, I know your ablitiy. if your not, I know what your ablity could be.
I find people really easily, they just come to me
You knew me when I was a human, now I can protect myself from any gifts that affect the mind. Even when I'm not thinking, of course you know it was like this when I was human
I use to be able to find my prey anytime or day. Only two got away, you know both of them I met the first later, she was with the second. She is the one that got me in trouble.
Don't get me mad! One look, and you'll regret it.
You know me pretty well, too. I can feel your emotions and give you an attitude adjustment without your knowledage.
The Cullens and I are pretty much the same. I can cover up with electrical current. I can shock someone if I want to. Don't worry, I rarely use my gift.
You can't lie to me, ever. I will know with my gift.
I know how close you and your friends are, I know how close you are with anybody.
Don't come to me mad. You'll just end up walking away.
I am not a full vampire, but I can destroy any shield, including my mommy's. I can also let others know what I'm thinking without telling them.
If I'm in a situation, and really want it to turn out my way. It will most likely happen, as long as I concentrate hard enough
I was always knew when there is danger. I wish my mate had the same power. I should of used it with my newborns.
If you can't see things the way I do. Don't worry, you will eventually.

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