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QUIZ: Can you answer the trivia about Kira and Athrun?

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Forced Order
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Who was the first zaft pilot Kira killed? 
What mobile suit did Kira first use? 
Who was Kira's first love interest? 
What colony did Kira live in? 
When Kira faught Andrew Waltfeld, he killed _____? 
Who was Kira's captain?  
Who was Kira's commander? 
Which of the 4 stolen Gundams did Kira destroy? 
Athrun 'defeated' Kira using what Gundam? 
The next mobile suit Kira recieved was the______? 
Who is Kira's seond love interest? 
Who is Kira's sister? 
What is Kira's biological mother's name? 
What is Kira's biological father's name? 
Kira defeated _____ in the battle of Jachin Due? 
What mobile suit did Athrun steal? 
Who was Athrun's commander? 
Who was Athrun's fiancée? 
Athrun bulit a lot of (_____)s for his fiancée. 
Athrun built _____ for Kira. 
Like Kira, Athrun can go into ____ mode. 
Who is Athrun's father? 
Who is Athrun's mother? 
Athrun's mother was killed in the ______ ______. 
Athrun got pissed at Kira for killing his good friend _____. 
Athrun defeated Kira by self-detonating in the ____. 
Athrun acquired the ______ when he joined the special forces. 
After Lacus, who is Athrun's love interest? 
Athrun blew up the Justice to destroy _____. 
Athrun then escapes on Cagalli's _____ _____. 

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