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What year did Teen Wolf premier?
Where does Teen Wolf take place?
In S1E1 what did Stiles drag Scott into the woods to look for?
Who is the main character?
What did Scott lose in the woods the night he was bitten?
Who was the Alpha who bit Scott?
Where does Scott work?
Who was the Leader of the Alpha Pack?
What are the names of the Alpha Twins?
What is the color of Stiles jeep?
What is Boyd's first name?
Who is referred to as the 'SourWolf'?
What is Sheriff Stilinksi's first name?
What disorder did Claudia Stilinski die from?
What does Darach mean?
Who is the Darach?
What is her real name?
Who's emissary was she?
Who is Mason's boyfriend?
What does 'La Bete' mean?
Who was 'La Bete'?
Stiles was possessed by which evil spirit?
In 1943 who called out for a spirit for revenge?
What does a Nogitsune feed off of?
Which main character killed and was killed by an oni?

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