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What does Mark sort out for Jeremy at JLB credit? (Ep.1)
What new piece of furniture does Mark buy for the flat? (Ep.1)
Who does Mark invite to the JLB survivors group event from Frankfurt? (Ep.1)
Who does Sophie reveal to Jeremy and Mark might also be the farther of the baby? (Ep.2)
What is the title of the poem Jeremy reads to Elena? (Ep.2)
What happens to Mark when he tries to deactivate the door bell? (Ep.2)
What job does Dobby suggest Mark should try? (Ep.3)
Where does Jeremy go to get Elena her favourite bread? (Ep.3)
What does Jeremy take for both Elena and Mark when they both leave porn on computers? (Ep.3)
Who is Elena in a long term relationship with? (Ep.4)
Who convinces Mark to start a management consultancy business with them? (Ep.4)
What type of restaurant does Mark start working in?
What does Mark make five of for his flat party? (Ep.5)
What does Super Hans bring to the party? (Ep.5)
What town does Dobby live in? (Ep.5)
Where does Gerrard live? (Ep.5)
What does Sophie initially propose as the name for the baby? (Ep.6)
What network is Super Hans on? (Ep.6)
What does Elena have an intolerance to? (Ep.6)
What film is Jeremy watching on the morning of Elena's marriage to her long term partner? (Ep.6)

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