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What do Mark and Jeremy watch when they go on a double date? (Ep.1)
What STD does Jeremy get? (Ep.1)
What crime happens at the flat? (Ep.1)
What is Sophie's cousin called? (Ep.2)
What is Dobby's real name? (Ep.2)
Who do Mark and Dobby find throwing up and crying in the toilet of the **** Bunker? (Ep.2)
What Australian does Mark meet speed dating? (Ep.3)
What does Jeremy do to try and get some money? (Ep.3)
What nickname do Jeremy and Mark give the gun they find in Jeremy's great aunts house? (Ep.4)
I have a mouth but I do not speak. I have a bed but do not sleep. What am I? (Ep.4)
What is Jeremy's mum's new boyfriend called? (Ep.4)
Where is Jeremy's mum looking to buy a property? (Ep.4
What is the name of the Christian rock festival Jeremy and Super Hans get booked to play at? (Ep.5)
What spiritual object does mark smash? (Ep.5)
What insult does Jeremy scribble on his manager Cally's caravan wall and subsequently blames on Mark? (Ep.5)
How many people are in the audience when Jeremy is performing? (Ep.5)
What is the name of the cult that Jeremy and Super Hans join? (Ep.6)
What video game do Dobby, Mark, and Gerrard play? (Ep.6)
Name one person Mark tries and fails to fire? (Ep.6)
What does Super Hans break with a lamp? (Ep.6)

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