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Can you name the chips from Mega Man Battle Network 1?

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Multi-target, elemental (2)
*insert joke about overcompensating* (3)
Highly advanced digital teleporting device (1)
Helps against claustrophobia (1)
Undo demolishing works (1)
They're shooting their head at me?/Final Boss (4)
Mega Man 2?/Is this the power of nature? (1)
No chips for you (1)
Barrel?/Classic pun (3)
Appears in every BN game (3)
Ancient North-African sculpture (1)
Wait for it.../Time is ticking... (3)
Weak, but multi-target (3)
Forecast is looking pretty bad (3)
Personal punching bag (3)
Three squares, crack (3)
Legitimately unobtainable/NO NOT THE FISH (1)
Three squares (4)
Who R U?/My battery died... (3)
Circled Circuit/All Your Base? (3)
Remove any (advantages of) terrain (2)
Steerable, elemental (3)
Wields the scepter around here/No, Moses (3)
MegaMan's defense sharply rose! (1)
Sucks/May cause annoying itch (3)
Hard to get, three squares, crack (1)
If only HeatStyle had a charge shot like this... (3)
Nice Halloween costume/Doesn't really need his arms (3)
Right in the face (2)
Little ball, slowly creeping forward (3)
His japanese name makes no sense. Maybe he's colorblind. (3)
Are those fish blind or something? (3)
A piece of junk, something to cool your drinks with (2)
It's what time?/Nailed him! (1)
Can change direction once (3)
Received from staple enemy (1)
Elemental/One of these can fix stoves (3)
Target in sight...FIRE! (3)
Probably the one who invented FootBomb (3)
Trade in your standard weapon (4)
Everyone loves popping these/Burst Man? (3)
Timberrrr! (3)
Rival of Pirate Man (3)
Hits often, also becomes a charge shot in certain sequels (3)
Come with various scents, romantic dinner? (3)
Don't show yourself, he'll explode if he sees you (3)
Japanese name of another Mega Man series (1)
Guerilla?/Whack-A-Mole (2)
This explosion is owned by me (3)
It's like hitting a Metal Slime in Dragon Quest (1)
Received from staple enemy (3)
Largest series, appears in every BN game (8)
Appears in every BN game (3)
Pretty random/Metal Gear? (3)
Useless against Pitfall Harry, he'd just jump over (2)
Can deal up to 999 damage (1)
Pounding the ground causes some sort of tremor (3)
I can control TIME ITSELF! (2)
C'mon, lucky seven! (3)
Mega Man 3?/Be sure to eat your fish, boy! (3)
So are those stalactites or stalagmites? (3)
And now for my next trick... (3)
*insert drugs joke here* (3)
What do a toy airplane and a TV have in common? (3)
Can't sleep...clown will eat me! (3)
Keep up your defense! And throw some bombs why don't you. (1)
brb (3)
Mexican?/Stay standing on a board (3)

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