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Can you name the recruitable monsters in Dragon Quest V (DS version)?

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Easy to recruit
Body Slam, Dazzleflash, Kasnooze 
Multiheal, Kasnooze, Zoom 
Tick-Tock, Drain Magic, Puff! 
Fire Breath, Paralysis Attack, Venom Mist 
Tongue Lashing, Kerplunk, Kafrizzle 
Focus Strength, Meditation, Lightning 
Paralysis Attack, Tingle, Kacrackle 
Kasizzle, Spooky Aura, Kacrackle 
Tongue Lashing, Absorb Magic, Kabuff 
Kazing, Thwack, Kacrackle 
Fizzle, Frizzle, Kasizzle 
Spooky Aura, Paralysis Attack, Swoosh 
Poof, Meditation, Scorch 
Tingle, Fullheal, Boom 
Occasionally recruitable
Focus Strength, War Cry 
Fullheal, Freezing Blizzard, Fuddle 
Muster Strength, Frenzy 
Kaboom, Sizz, Bang 
Fullheal, Insulatle, Kazing 
Fullheal, Kaswoosh, Kazapple 
Dazzleflash, Sweet Breath, Fullheal 
Sultry Dance, Venom Mist, Inferno 
Omniheal, Heal, Kaswoosh 
Weirdest Dance, Paralysis Attack, Body Slam 
Sweet Breath, Poison Breath, Poison Attack 
Absorb Magic, Kasnooze, Kaswoosh 
Poof, Sheen, Oomph 
Zoom, Midheal, Kaswoosh 
Fullheal, Zing, Omniheal 
Kasap, Muster Strength, Flame Breath 
Frenzy, Sap 
Sultry Dance, Weirdest Dance, Burning Breath 
Tongue Lashing, Sweet Breath, Crackle 
Weirdest Dance, Absorb Magic, Kaswoosh 
Kasap, Buff, Kaswoosh 
Tick-Tock, Hocus Pocus, Kaboom 
Zoom, Kacrackle, Lightning 
Kazap, Fullheal, Oomph 
Fuddle, Kasap, Fizzle 
War Cry, Freezing Blizzard, Kacrackle 
Boom, Oomph, Insulatle 
Thwack, Sheen, Kafrizzle 
Sweet Breath, Flame Breath, Inferno 
Thwack, Multiheal, C-C-Cold Breath 
Kamikazee, Body Slam 
Tongue Lashing, Cool Breath, Venom Mist 
Buff, Oomph, Kasap 
Frizzle, Tick-Tock, Flame Breath 
Kaboom, Crack, Puff! 
Hard to recruit
Kaboom, Meditation, Scorch 
Kaboom, Kazing, Kafrizzle 
Crackle, Whack, Freezing Blizzard 
Kerplunk, Zing, Lightning 
Kabuff, Kazing, Omniheal 
Flame Breath, Burning Breath, Inferno 
Burning Breath, C-C-Cold Breath, Scorch 
Spooky Aura, Sheen, Kazing 
Spooky Aura, Zap, Kasap 
Omniheal, Hocus Pocus, Puff! 
Kazing, Disruptive Wave, Kafrizzle 
Kasizzle, Kerplunk, Kaboom 
Kabuff, Frizzle, Insulatle 
Kamikazee, Body Slam, Kerplunk 
War Cry, Disruptive Wave, Lightning 
Nose for Treasure, Frenzy, Oomph 
Meditation, Scorch, Kaboom 
Lightning, Kazing, Kazap 

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