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Name the Naruto characters based on the info given.

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Short DescriptionCharacter
Main Character (7th HOKAGE!)
Uchiha of team 7
Medic of team 7
ANBU artist of team 7
Copy ninja (6th Hokage)
White fang
2nd ever wood style user
Main character's academy teacher
Leader of team 10
Yamanaka of team 10
Akimichi of team 10
Nara of team 10
Old Yamanaka of 'InoShikaCho'
Old Akimichi of 'InoShikaCho'
Old Nara of 'InoShikaCho'
Leader of team 8
Aburame of team 8
Hyuga of team 8
Inuzuka of team 8
Inuzuka of team 8's pet/partner
Copy Ninja's head ninja dog
Green Beast of Konoha
Hyuga of team Guy
Weapon expert of team Guy
Taijutsu user of team Guy
Grandson of the 3rd Hokage
Grandson of the 3rd Hokage's 1st team mate
Grandson of the 3rd Hokage's 2nd team mate
Elite Jonin that trains/teaches future Hokage
'God Of Shinobi'
Creator of 'Edo Tensei/Reanimation jutsu'
Said to have mastered all jutsus of Konoha
Yellow flash of Konoha
'Legendary Sucker'
Founder of Root
ANBU artists adoptive brother
Legendary Suckers apprentice
Tsunade's/Shizune's pet pig
Legendary Suckers lover
Legendary Suckers brother
1st Hokages father
1st Hokages younger brother
1st Hokages youngest brother
Uchiha founder of Konohagakure's father
Pervy Sage
Male of 'Two Great Sage Toads'
Female of 'Two Great Sage Toads'
'Chief Toad'
Chief Toads 1st son
Chief Toads 2nd son
Duel sword weilding giant toad of Mt Myoboku
Giant toad of Mt Myoboku who refers himself as 'Ungraceful'
'Slug Queen'
Short DescriptionCharacter
Giant purple snake
Giant purple snake #2
Snake man
Snake man's assistant
Leader of the Sound 5
Strongest of the Sound 5
Flute girl of the Sound 5
1st Twin of the Sound 5
2nd Twin of the Sound 5
Spider man of the Sound 5
Bipolar member of 'Taka'
Uzumaki member of 'Taka'
Water boy of 'Taka'
Dominator of the 'Seven Swordsman'
Demon of the Hidden Mist
Ice style user
Crystal style user
Scorch style user
Explosion style user
Snake man's former student
Main character's mother
1st Hokage's wife (lover)
Uchiha of team 7's father
Uchiha of team 7's mother
'Body Flicker' of the Uchiha clan
Uchiha of team Tobirama in the first great ninja war
Hyuga of team 8's sister
Hyuga clan leader
Brother of the Hyuga clan leader
1st seen Rinnegan user
Female member of Akatsuki
1st leader of the Akatsuki
Uchiha of the Akatsuki
'Tailed Beast Without A Tail'
Religious member of the Akatsuki
Bounty hunter of the Akatsuki
Puppet user of the Akatsuki
'Art is an explosion'
Uchiha of old team 7
Spy of Akatsuki
'The Second Six Paths'
Brother of 'The second six paths'
1st Raikage
2nd Raikage
3rd Raikage
4th Raikage
5th Raikage
5th Raikage's partner
4th Raikage's assistant
Blonde haired jonin of the Hidden Cloud Village
Lollipop boy of the Hidden Cloud Village
Lollipop boy's female team mate / Choji's wife
Gold brother of the 'Gold and Silver brothers
Short DescriptionCharacter
Silver brother of the 'Gold and Silver brothers'
Samurai leader of the Land of Iron
Gave the 'Legendary Sannin' their title
5th Mizukage
5th Mizukage's 1st partner
6th Mizukage
4th Kazakage / Gold dust user
5th Kazekage's brother
5th Kazekage's sister
Woman who revived the 5th Kazekage
Former teacher of the sand siblings
The 'Invisible Man' / 2nd Tsuchikage
3rd Tsuchikage
4th Tsuchikage
4th Tsuchikage's partner
4th Tsuchikage's father
1 Tailed Beast
2 Tailed Beast
3 Tailed Beast
4 Tailed Beast
5 Tailed Beast
6 Tailed Beast
7 Tailed Beast
8 Tailed Beast
9 Tailed Beast
10 Tailed Beast
5th Kazekage
2 Tails Jinchuriki
Former 3 Tails Jinchuriki
3 Tails Jinchuriki
4 Tails Jinchuriki
5 Tails Jinchuriki
6 Tails Jinchuriki
7 Tails Jinchuriki
8 Tails Jinchuriki
Sage of the Six Paths
Sage of the Six Paths brother
Direct descendant of the Sage of the Six Paths brother (Wielder of the Tenseigan)
'Rabbit Goddess'
Senju clan ancestor
Uchiha clan ancestor
Main character + Princess of the Hyuga Clan's son
Main character + Princess of the Hyuga Clan's daughter
'Avenger' Uchiha's daughter (main uchiha)
Third student of Team Konohamaru
Lazy Genius + Blonde sand sibling's son (Nara of new 'InoShikaCho')
Akimichi of team 10 + Female of team Killer B's daughter (Akimichi of new 'InoShikaCho')
Yamanaka of team 10 + ANBU Artist of team 7's son (Inoichi of new 'InoShikaCho')
Bushy brow's son
Deceased Leader of team 10 + Leader of team 8's daughter
White haired boy with sharingan
Father of white haired boy with sharingan (Member of NeoAkutsuki and Uchiha wannabe)

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