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Can you name the the roaring 20s?

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what did people start calling the women in the 1920s?
what was created in the 20s that caused urban sprawls
why was the prosperity superficial?
what did they call the night clubs and the hidden saloons?
what is prohibition? why was it hard to enforce?
who where bootleggers?
what is the double standard?
who was one of the famous baseball players in the 20s
who was the first black pilot to fly across the atlantic ocean?
what was the harlem renaissance?
who was claude mckay?
what was langston hughs known for?
louis armstrong was known for?
some of duke ellington's renowned pieces were?
who was bessie smith?
what was cab calloway known for?
what is the great migration?
who was jame weldon johnson?
who founded the NAACP?
what did f scott fitzgerald call the 1920s?

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