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How should all hypothesises (hypothesi?) be written?
Name one of the 3 types of flasks used in a lab.
What is 5000000000 in scientific notation?
How many mL are in 450 L?
What is water known as?
How many significant digits are in 0.00238?
You have a hot test tube. What is the correct tool to use to pick it up?
How many mg are there in 40000 kg?
How many inches are in 480 mm?
What is the horizontal axis on a chart called?
What type of fire extinguisher (A,B,C,D) would you use for fires involving wood, paper, cloth, or trash?
You're working with HCl in the lab today, what sort of safety 'gear' would you need to have on first?
What is 371000000000 in scientific notation?
Your lab partner has spilled some of the HCl on their face, who should you let know?
How many significant digits are in 0.001045?
(Fun question) What is chem?

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