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Can you name the Van Halen Songs with the Clues Given?

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Forced Order
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Song in Other WordsVan Halen Song
Digging the Academic Instructer
You Firmly Have Me
Illuminate the Big Blue Thing in the Air
Pretty Women
Frozen Treats Guy
Central American Country with a Famous Canal
Strong Volcanic Activity
Not Speakin' of an Affectionate Emotion
Lower Parts to the Top
Joggin' While Being Accompanied by Satan
Sub-Molecular Hooligan
Rude Avenue
Song in Other WordsVan Halen Song
Seduced Ladies
Beautiful Girl
Will a Person Fetch Me a Medical Personel
At This Moment
Boogie the Evening Past
Released From a Metal Rope
Covered in Flame
All of the People Desire a Portion
Firmly Straighten Your Legs Effectivly Propelling Yourself into the Air
Mrs. Lynn Spears is Sobbin'

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