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When a person mediates these two waves become more prominent
A splitting off of mental processes into two seperate, simultaneous streams of awareness
Hypnotism can sometimes reduce inhibitons that would normally prevent subjects from acting in ways they wouldn't normally
Sedatives are sleep inducing drugs that tend to decrease _____________ activiation and behavioural activity
A person must continue to take a drug to avoid withdrawal illness
Family of practices that train attention to heighten awareness and bring mental processes under greater voluntary control
Amphetamines _______ the release of neurotransmitters at DA and NE synapses
Participants are put into a special, altered state of consciousness
A progressive decrease in a persons responsiveness to a drug
specially assigned Sanskrit word that is personalized to each meditator
chemical substances that modify mental, emotional, or behavioural functioning
this drug produces an energetic 'i can conquer the world' feeling
feel warm, friendly, euphoric, sensual, insightful, empathetic, but alert and energetic
Hemp plant from which marijuana, hashish, and THC are derived
Hypnotized participants may be led to experience auditory or visual hallucinations
Drugs that have powerful effects on mental, emotional functioning, marked most prominently by the distortions in sensory and perceptual experience
Yoga, Zen, and transcendental meditation are rooted in ______ religions
drugs that are derived from opium, they are capable of relieving pain
this drug produces a relaxed euphoria that temporarily boosts self esteem
Participants under hypnosis can withstand treatments that would normally cause considerable pain
chemical treatment used to extract nearly pure cocaine from ordinary street cocaine
This neural curcuit runs from an area in the midbrain through the nucleus accumbens and on to the prefrontal cortex
This drug mainly blocks reuptake at DA,NE, and serotonin synapses
a person must continue to take a drug to satify intense mental and emotional craving for the drug

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