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Can you name the facts about Nashville, Tennessee??

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In what county is Nashville located?
What is the name of Nashville's NHL team?
What is the name of Nashville's NFL team ?
On what river was Nashville built?
What Greek landmark has a full scale reconstruction built in Nashville's Centennial Park?
What building in downtown Nashville was the original home of the country music radio program , the Grand Ole Opry?
Vanderbilt University has what mascot?
East of downtown Nashville, the Hermitage was the home of what US President?
What Man in Black made his home north of Nashville in Hendersonville?
Nashville resident Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon was otherwise known as what Grand Ole Opry Comedienne?
What is the name of Nashville's current daily newspaper?
What Nashville daily newspaper ceased publication in 1998?
In 2000, what native Nashvillian became the majority leader of the US Senate?
What is the mascot of David Lipscomb University?
What star of Legally Blonde and Walk the Line grew up in Nashville ?
What is the mascot of Tennessee State University?
What contemporary Christian artist was the first to have a platinum record, the first to hit #1 pop and the first to perform at the Grammys?
What is the mascot for Belmont University?
What estate in the west part of Nashville hosts an art museum and botanical gardens?
What three interstate highways transect Nashville?

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