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How many of these Fairy Tail characters can you name?

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Magic & AbilitiesNameGuild / Known By
Fire Dragon Slayer MagicFairy Tail
Celestial Spirit MagicFairy Tail
Requip - The KnightFairy Tail
Ice - Make (Static)Fairy Tail
AeraFairy Tail
Iron Dragon Slayer MagicFairy Tail
Water MagicFairy Tail
Sky Dragon Slayer MagicFairy Tail
AeraFairy Tail
Take Over - Satan SoulFairy Tail
Fairy LawFairy Tail
Lightning Dragon Slayer MagicFairy Tail
Card MagicFairy Tail
Take Over - Beast SoulFairy Tail
Take Over - Animal SoulFairy Tail
Solid ScriptFairy Tail
CrashFairy Tail
Fairy MagicFairy Tail
Dark ÉcritureFairy Tail
Human Possession Fairy Tail
AeraFairy Tail
RegulusFairy Tail
Purple FlareFairy Tail
Smoke MagicFairy Tail
Guns MagicFairy Tail
Requip - Guns Fairy Tail
(Not Yet Revealed)Fairy Tail
High SpeedFairy Tail
Plant MagicFairy Tail
Sandstorm Fairy Tail
Seith Fairy Tail
Pict MagicFairy Tail
Dancer Fairy Tail
TelepathyFairy Tail
Wood - MakeFairy Tail
Take OverFairy Tail
Rainbow FireFairy Tail
HealingFairy Tail
Magic StavesFairy Tail (Former)
Fairy GlitterFairy Tail (Deceased)
Darkness MagicPhantom Lord
Air MagicPhantom Lord
Earth MagicPhantom Lord
Fire MagicPhantom Lord
Sound MagicPhantom Lord
Mirror MgaicPhantom Lord
Spinning MagicLamia Scale
Earth MagicLamia Scale
Ice - Make (Dynamic)Lamia Scale
Doll AttackLamia Scale
WaveLamia Scale
Moon DripLamia Scale
Magic & AbilitiesNameGuild / Known By
Sky God Slayer MagicLamia Scale
Phasing MagicLamia Scale
Perfume MagicLamia Scale
ArchiveLamia Scale
Snow MagicLamia Scale
Air MagicLamia Scale
Take Over - Machina SoulLamia Scale
AeraLamia Scale
Celestial Spirit MagicLamia Scale (Deceased)
(Not Yet Revealed)Quatro Cerberus
Palm MagicQuatro Cerberus
Drill n' RockQuatro Cerberus
(Not Yet Revealed)Quatro Cerberus
Plant MagicQuatro Cerberus
Tear MagicQuatro Cerberus
Spinning MagicQuatro Cerberus
Illusion MagicCait Shelter
Blast MagicSabertooth (Former)
White Dragon Slayer MagicSabertooth
Shadow Dragon Slayer MagicSabertooth
Memory - MakeSabertooth
Lightning God Slayer MagicSabertooth
(Not Yet Revealed)Sabertooth
Celestial Spirit MagicSabertooth
Gravity ChangeMermaid Heel
Binding MagicMermaid Heel
Thread MagicMermaid Heel
Vegetable MagicMermaid Heel
Gravity ChangeMermaid Heel
Shikigami MagicRaven Tail
Magic CancellingRaven Tail
Hair MagicRaven Tail
Needle MagicRaven Tail
MimicRaven Tail
Celestial Spirit MagicLove & Lucky
CharmTitan Nose
Jutsu ShikiRune Knights (Deceased)
Memory ControlRune Knights
Heavenly Body MagicCrime Sorciere
Maguilty SenseCrime Sorciere
Arc Of TimeCrime Sorciere (Deceased)
ArchiveOracion Seis
ReflectorOracion Seis
Poison Dragon Slayer MagicOracion Seis
Celestial Spirit MagicOracion Seis
Earth MagicOracion Seis
Slowing MagicOracion Seis
AmerterasuGrimoire Heart (Deceased)
Gravity MagicGrimoire Heart
Magic & AbilitiesNameGuild / Known By
Great Tree ArcGrimoire Heart
Arc Of EmbodimentGrimoire Heart
Ushi No Koku MairiGrimoire Heart
Human SubordinationGrimoire Heart (Deceased)
Egg MagicGrimoire Heart
Orient Solid ScriptGrimoire Heart
Sword MagicDeath's Head Caucus
Hair MagicDeath's Head Caucus
Jet MagicDeath's Head Caucus
Wind MagicEisenwald
Shadow MagicEisenwald
Card MagicTower Of Heaven (Former)
Polygon MagicTower Of Heaven (Former)
Darkness MagicTower Of Heaven (Deceased)
Fire MagicTower Of Heaven (Deceased)
Nullification MagicLegion Corps
Dog Whistle MagicLegion Corps
Command MagicLegion Corps
AeraLegion Corps
Athletic MagicLegion Corps
Rapture MagicLegion Corps (Former)
Celestial Spirit MagicKingdom Of Fiore
Double ScythesGarou Knights
Acid MagicGarou Knights
Paper MagicGarou Knights
Plant MagicGarou Knights
Terrain Effect MagicGarou Knights
Black ArtsDark Mage
Sword MagicCelestial Spirit World
Water MagicCelestial Spirit World
Giant LabrysCelestial Spirit World
Earth MagicCelestial Spirit World
Twin ScissorsCelestial Spirit World
Bow & ArrowCelestial Spirit World
Wool MagicCelestial Spirit World
RegulusCelestial Spirit World
Copy MagicCelestial Spirit World
Sand MagicCelestial Spirit World
RegulusCelestial Spirit World
Gravity ChangeCelestial Spirit World
Water MagicCelestial Spirit World
ImmortalityCelestial Spirit World
Inner BodyCelestial Spirit World
Enhanced SpeedCelestial Spirit World
Expert HarpistCelestial Spirit World
ScanningCelestial Spirit World
LevitationCelestial Spirit World
Directional ReferenceCelestial Spirit World
ImmortalityCelestial Spirit World
Mighty BearCelestial Spirit World
Lightning MagicCelestial Spirit World

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