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Can you name the the movies in Not Another Teen Movie??

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2001, Sean Patrick Thomas/Julia Stiles
1993, Sean Astin/Jon Favreau
1999, Selma Blair/Reese Witherspoon
1986, Alan Ruck/Mia Sara
1999, Tara Reid/Eugene Levy
1987, Matthew Modine/Vincent D'Onofrio
1999, Larisa Oleynik/Joseph Gordon-Levitt
1984, Anthony Michael Hall/Molly Ringwald
1986, Corey Haim/Charlie Sheen
1999, Rachael Leigh Cook/Matthew Lillard
2000, Breckin Meyer/Tom Green
1984, Ralph Macchio/Pat Morita
1985, Emilio Estevez/Ally Sheedy
1999, Amy Smart/Paul Walker
1982, Jennifer Jason Leigh/Phoebe Cates
2000, Eliza Dushku/Jesse Bradford
1993, Jason London/Milla Jovovich
1985, David Ogden Stiers/Kim Darby
1988, Winona Ryder/Shannen Doherty
1998, Ethan Embry/Seth Green
1999, David Arquette/Michael Vartan
1999, Mena Suvari/Annette Bening
1999, Rob Schneider/Eddie Griffin
1986, Jon Cryer/Andrew McCarthy
1983, Tom Cruise/Rebecca De Mornay
1987, Patrick Dempsey/Amanda Peterson

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