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Who won the presidential election of 1840?
Waves of immigration from _______ and ________ began the first major wave of immigration to the US.
___________ led to problems such as poverty, slums, disease, crime, and overpopulation.
Who is known as the father of the American Industrial Revolution?
Along with the cotton gin, Eli Whitney's ______________ _____ would help fuel industry.
Emerson, who belonged to the transcendentalism movement, was known as an early ______?
Who was the leader of the Mormons?
What issue in its state's constitution kept Utah from becoming a state?
Education tended to be more prominent/widespread in which region in America?
Which college was the first to admit blacks and then later accept women?
Who were the people that were for the most part at the forefront on most reforms?
Name one conceivable right women had during this time period
______ falls accelerated the feminist movement in US History.
Which group of people shunned sexual relations?
What were these reform movement of communes trying to achieve?

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