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Who won the presidential election of 1824?
Who won the popular vote in 1824?
Who were the 2 main players in the Corrupt Bargain?
What year was Jackson first elected?
Jackson used the ____ power in office more than all of the other presidents combined.
What was Jackson's trusted group of advisors known as?
Jackson particularly ________ the Bank of the U.S.
Jackson's continued use of the veto power strengthened the power of the _______ __________.
Which state in the south was the most agressive and proactive about nullification of the tariff in 1832?
Who was known as the 'Great Compromiser'?
Andrew Jackson thought the Bank of the U.S. was primarily for the ____.
What is one of the 5 civilized tribes that had become 'Euro-assimilated?'
Jackson's Indian Removal Act of 1830 led to what?
What party was formed in response to the growing power of the presidency under Jackson?
The Whig Party elected 2 presidents, but both ____ in office.
Who was Jackson's successor?
Van Buren inherited _______ _____ from Jackson's presidency.
Over-speculation of western lands, canals, railroads, road and slaves, combined with 'wildcat banks' were the basis of what economic crisis?
What idea did Van Buren have to escape the Panic of 1837 that later became the Federal Reserve System?

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