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Immigrants who have permission to live in the U.S.
Legal aliens cannot work in a government job. True/False
Every single person in America and the government must do this.
One way to be a U.S. Citizen.
People who come to America with the intent of living here permanently.
Everyone must do this at some time in their life. This is duty of an American citizen.
Participating in government means voting, volunteering, and ____ ____ ________.
All American citizens must _______ ________.
The right to vote gives citizens _______ opportunity.
Legal aliens cannot vote in political elections. True/False.
Things we should do, but are not punished if we do not do them.
All U.S. citizens must do this.
Legal aliens can run for office if they wanted to. True/False.
This is a responsibility of citizens to ___ _________ about things.
Another way to be a U.S. Citizen.
There are how many steps to Naturalization?
Having this responsibility is similar to the Golden Rule.
What will happen if a non-citizen (illegal alien) is found in America?
Things we are required to do so we do not get punished.
This is a responsibility about politics.
Speech, Religion, Press, Petition, and Assembly.
Some U.S. citizens have to do this in times of need.
Your U.S. citizenship can be revoked if you become a citizen of another country. True/False.
The process by which non-citizens become citizens.
Cannot search without a warrant. Cannot arrest without due process. Cannot punish without reason.

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