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Can you name the words ending in -ious?

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Attractively lively and animated, esp. a woman
Solemn or thoughful in character; 'Why so _______?'
Occuring before something else in time or order
Communicable by contact, like a disease
Daring, recklessly bold, rash
Inspiring respect and admiration, like certain universities
Intending to do harm, like some rumors
Lacking mindful attention
Having a strong desire and determination to succeed
Widely and unfavorably known; B.I.G.
Not allowing something to pass through
Cunning; deceptive
Too long, slow or dull: monotonous
Nourishing, efficient as food
Full of playful allure
Harmful or destructive to living being; like gas or waste
Wanting something you don't have that someone else does
Not easily pulled apart; Jack Black's 'D'
Having an irrational attitude toward the unknown
Cautious distrust of someone or something

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