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QUIZ: Can you name the characters from StarKid's Starship musical?

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Forced Order
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Our hero on Bugworld who longs to be a Starship rangerJoey Richter
The commander, rumoured to have gone soft after his infamous robot injuryJoe Walker
A Spanish bad-ass who fought in the robot wars with 2Lauren Lopez
The ruler of the hiveJim Povolo
Where he came from, on Farm Planet, your first name is what you do, and your second name is what you likeDylan Saunders
The pot-smoking son of Dr Space ClawBrian Holden
1's love interest, a 'dumb ****' who likes 'schiency' stuffDenise Donovan
Giant scorpion who has an unfortunate liking for human brainsDylan Saunders
Mosquito brotherBrian Holden
The newest, lethal robot member of the starship rangersMeredith Stepien
A nerdy starship ranger Julia Albain
1's lady-bug crazy, hopeless romantic, best friendBrant Cox
Calls every bug forward for their job to be chosenNick Lang
'Candy-ass' starship rangerJoe Moses
'Do you still think mammal wrangling is lame?'Nick Lang
Mosquito brotherJaime Lyn Beatty
The mosquito brother's sister...'YO!'Jim Povolo
Her dream is for 1 to let her rip of his head and let her larvae devour his bodyLauren Lopez

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