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How to PlayForced Order
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What is the name of Chick's son?
How did Clay DuFont die?
What is the name of the episode where Norman sent to a public psychiatric unit?
Who is Romero's ex-girlfriend?
What is Emma's Mum's name?
Who killed Gil?
What animal was Norman's first taxidermy job?
What is the name of the episode where Norma and Romero get married?
What is Emma's surname?
What year was Dylan Massett born in?
What did Annika Johnson give Norma before she died?
What was the name of the episode where Gunner was first introduced?
What item of clothing is Norma Bates first seen in?
What city is Will Decody from?
Who plays Chick Hogan?
What is Dylan's surname?
What club was Bob Paris the president of?
In Season 3, what is Bradley's colour?
What was the name of Dylan's first partner in his first job?
What did Norman hit Sam with in order to kill him?

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