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Can you choose the larger US city (by population)?

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CitiesLarger CityPopulation of Larger City
Jackson (Mississippi) (J) or New Orleans (NO)?391,495
Buffalo (B) or Newark (N)?281,764
Albuquerque (A) or Tucson (T)?559,277
Charlotte (C) or Virginia Beach (VB)?842,051
Omaha (O) or Wichita (W)?446,970
Anchorage (A) or Honolulu (H)?351,792
Colorado Springs (CS) or Salt Lake City (SLC)?465,101
Anaheim (A) or Bakersfield (B)?376,380
Boise (B) or Henderson (H)?292,969
Baton Rouge (BR) or Corpus Christi (CC)?325,733
CitiesLarger CityPopulation of Larger City
Aurora (Colorado) (A) or Santa Ana (SA)?361,710
Reno (RE) or Riverside (RI)?324,722
Fort Wayne (FW) or Lexington (L)?318,449
North Las Vegas (NLV) or Stockton (S)?307,072
Durham (D) or Greensboro (G)?287,027
Birmingham (B) or Plano (P)?286,057
Fresno (F) or Oakland (O)?522,053
Long Beach (LB) or Mesa (M)?484,587
Pittsburgh (P) or Raleigh (R)?458,880
Arlington (A) or Tulsa (T)?403,090

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