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LyricSong Title
Could we find ourselves walking through a field with no solitude
Can I still find a place where my mind stops all the suffering
They say a devil lives in my soul. I promise not to let him take control
Inside my shadow, I can hear you, Am I near you?
This path that I walk, Is leading me blind
If I bleed, My lies won't feel the emptiness inside
And I don't need something that hurts more than nothing
Save you, I would never, Deny you, Even though your hate for me is strong
Like my daddy said, Boy be brave, dont let them take you, no
You surround yourself with evil, Every night that you have is an equal
LyricSong Title
Crashed down to soil, **** up and coiled
To think about the world I took that brought me here (WHO AM I) suppose to be
I don't mind the sound of your voice, But I hate the words that you say
I won't ride that evil suicide wave, No matter what you hear me say
**** out there dont even know me
What's that thing you put in your nose? Can I have some?
Everytime the truth gets broken I'm the one to fix it
And all there is that you know, I'll be the one left here when you go
Bring me a light, Make my life worth something more
I gotta keep going on; I will survive, I'm strong

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